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Lord, please help my unbelief.

In one of my seasons with struggling with depression, I remember feeling like I was being attacked in all areas of my life. If you know me you know that I laugh and joke a lot, so I could be in the lowest moment but I would say something in a lighthearted way so other people couldn’t see the seriousness in what I was saying. I remember joking with my best friend a few years ago about God playing tricks on me, but I knew from the look she gave me that she could see right through my charade.

Even earlier in this year my belief in God was being attacked, which I kind of wrote about in my book. I felt so ashamed because I would be posting about how good God is, but sit in my car crying because I was wondering if I was just trying to ease whatever pain I was feeling at the time by believing that there was a god who could actually see and hear me.

Fast forward to now, we sung “Jesus is Real” this past Sunday at church and I was reminded of all the times the enemy tried to attack my belief in Jesus. Now you can tell me whatever you want to tell me but all I know is JESUS IS REAL, and my faith in Him cannot be shaken.

And this is not me trying to force anything on anyone, I’m not telling you want I think, I’m telling you what I know. So if you ever feel like you're alone in your struggles I promise you that you're not. I felt the same way. It took me to call on Jesus, I mean really call on Jesus to truly know that He was with me the entire time.



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